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Environmental Inspections

The Chickasaw County Public Health Environmental Health Officers provide inspections, environmental surveillance and monitoring, complaint investigation, and enforce multiple ordinances and administrative codes. These efforts are key to maintain environmental safety within our community. Looking for information on food inspections? Please visit the Iowa Department of Inspections & Appeals page.

Swimming Pool & Spa Inspections

Environmental Health Officers conduct annual inspections of public swimming pools and spas in a 5-county area, providing regulation and oversight to reduce the incidence of waterborne disease transmission, increase pool safety and to conduct accident investigations.

Please contact the Health Department for more information or to register a Pool or Spa related complaint at 641-394-4053.

See the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) page for more information including:

  • Pool and Spa News and Updates
  • Construction/Reconstruction Permit Application
  • Swimming Pools and Spas Registration Form
  • Pool and Spa Rules and Regulations
  • State Pool and Spa Licensing Fees

Well Water Program

The Chickasaw County Environmental Health focuses on educating and informing contractors, businesses and homeowners on Chickasaw County well construction standards and regulations. Chickasaw County also participates in the Grants to Counties program, a State of Iowa program that provides free well water sampling and potential funding to assist homeowners with repairing damage to an existing well and properly closing an obsolete well or cistern. 

Visit the Iowa DNR website for more information including:

  • Information regarding free, private well water testing as funding is available through the Grants to Counties Program
  • Information regarding homeowner reimbursement for well plugging or rehabilitating as funding is available under the Grants to Counties Program
  • Information regarding the standards and enforcement for construction of individual wells that protect area drinking water aquifers from contamination

Tattoo Inspections

The Environmental Health Officers conducts annual inspections of tattoo facilities providing regulation and oversight. There is an annual $250 inspection fee.

Please contact the Health Department for more information or to register a tattoo related complaint at 641-394-4053.

Visit the IDPH website for more information including:

  • Iowa Tattoo Regulations
  • Temporary Tattoo Parlor Regulations
  • Artist Permit Requirements
  • Application to Operate a Tattoo Facility / Renewal 
  • Change of Location Form

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