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Get to know Chickasaw County's sheriff, and view a list of previous county sheriffs.

Sheriff Ryan Shawver

Ryan grew up in Chickasaw County in New Hampton and graduated from New Hampton High School.  After graduation he attended NIACC in Mason City and received his degree in Supervison and Management.  Ryan found a passion for public service and joined the Chickasaw County Rescue Squad in 2000 and later became an EMT and join the Chickasaw Ambulance Service. 

In 2008 Ryan was hired as a Police Officer with the New Hampton Police Department and attened the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.  In 2012 Ryan was hired on as a Deputy Sheriff with the Chickasaw County Sheriffs Office.  During his career with the Chickasaw County Sheriffs Office, Ryan was the K9 Handler from 2013 to 2019 and in 2021 Ryan was appointed Chief Deputy under Sheriff Martin Hemann.

On January 23, 2023 Ryan was appointed as the Chickasaw County Sheriff by the Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors. 

Previous Chickasaw County Sheriffs

1853-1855 Andy Sample

1855-1858 Frederick Padden

1858-1860 C.E. Zivick

1860-1862 Patrick Galligan

1862-1868 John Dixon

1868-1870 James A. Albertson

1870-1873 Earl W. Beach

1873-1883 R.O. Sheldon

1883-1886 Horton Mandeville

1886-1890 James Stanton

1890-1893 F.W. Brown

1893-1899 Edward Murphy

1899-1902 F.E. Sherwood

1902-1907 C.W. Schnurr

1907-1911 J.J. Wandrow

1911-1915 A.M. Russell

1915-1919 F.M. Kezar

1919-1925 John Tietjen

1925-1926 E.J. Attleson

1926-1931 C.A. Upham

1931-1949 George C. Murray

1949-1953 Kenneth J. Daly

1953-1981 Galen Folkers

1981-1997 Thomas Bernatz

1997-2001 William E. Dean

2001-2012 Marty Larsen

2013-2017 T.W. Miller

2017-2023 Martin Hemann

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