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In 1955, the 56th General Assembly passed the "County Conservation Law" - Chapter 350 of the Code of Iowa (then Chapter 111A). This law created a conservation-outdoor recreation program that was unique at the time and required the voters of each individual county in Iowa to establish their local county conservation board. In 1956, Chickasaw County was one of the first 16 boards to be approved.

Jan. 21, 1957 – First meeting of the Chickasaw County Conservation Board.  Members of the Board were Ben Busta, Lawler; Mark Eischeid, New Hampton; Henry Justen, Fredericksburg; James W. Rouse, North Washington; and Glenn C. Smith, Nashua. 

May 1957 – Conservation Board acquires first area, Chickasaw Park, from the Iowa State Conservation Commission through a 50-year lease.  

November 1957 – First Executive Officer, Vince Gebel, hired by the Conservation Board with a one-year contract.

April 1996 – Friends of Chickasaw County Conservation was formed to help raise funds for a proposed nature center at Twin Ponds.  The Friends of Chickasaw County Conservation signed Articles of Incorporation to become a 501(c) (3) corporation.

May 2002 – Chickasaw County Conservation Board moved its Headquarters to Twin Ponds Nature Center.  Today the Nature Center is home to the county’s Environmental Education program and remains the Headquarters for Chickasaw County Conservation Board and Staff.

Conservation Board

Ray Armbrecht, Chairman
Term Ends: 12/31/24
Term Length: 5 Years
Lori Carey, Vice Chair
Term Ends: 12/31/27
Term Length: 5 Years
JoAnne Myrsiades, Secretary
Term Ends: 12/31/25
Term Length: 5 Years
Jim Allison
Term Ends: 12/31/26
Term Length: 5 Years
Mike Pickar
Term Ends: 12/31/23
Term Length: 5 Years

2024 Conservation Board Meetings

June 3, 2024 · 6:30pm
May 6, 2024 · 6:30pm
April 1, 2024 · 6:30pm
March 4, 2024 · 6:30pm
February 5, 2024 · 6:30pm
January 2, 2024 · 6:30pm

2023 Conservation Board Meetings

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