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Joint 911 Service Board

Iowa Code 34A

The Chickasaw County Joint 911 Service Board is established in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 34A. The Chickasaw County Joint 911 Service Board is responsible for; receiving 911 calls to the local public safety answering point, maintaining a 911 wireline database, management and construction of a land mobile radio network for Chickasaw County, in addition to several other administrative requirements. The Chickasaw County Joint 911 Service Board. The Chickasaw County 911 Board is not responsible for dispatch operations, but does maintain dispatch equipment. Questions or concerns should be directed the contact us section located on the home page.

Uniform Addressing Ordinance and 911 Signs

Chickasaw County Ordinance V-5 requires the use of 911 signs for some parcels. We're currently working to get the ordinance published to our website, in the meantime, please view the ordinance in the Chickasaw County Auditors Office.

911 Sign

We offer 911 signs for free to residents and businesses in the community. Please contact our office today to arrange for the production and pick-up of a 911 sign!
Cost: Free

Address Assignment

Building a new structure and don't have an address yet? Or have you never had one? We'd be happy to assign you an address. The address assignment process takes just a little bit longer than production of a 911 sign, so we graciously ask that you give us a call, or stop by with your parcel number so we can start the assignment process. Following an assignment, you will be eligible for a 911 sign.
Cost: Free


Joint 911 Service Board

Ryan Shawver, Chair
Matt Kuhn, Vice Chair
Board of Supervisor
Brad Ellison
Fredericksburg Benefited Fire
David Geerts
North Washington
Steve Geerts
New Hampton
Samantha Johnson
Amy Laures
Alta Vista
James Mitchell
EMA Commission
Brad Moudry
Randy Taylor

2024 Joint 911 Service Board Meetings

January 31, 2024
January 10, 2024

2023 Joint 911 Service Board Meetings

2022 Joint 911 Service Board Meetings

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